Things are coming together… slowly…

I’m really glad that Melanie is so patient with me. When it comes to blogging, I’m a total ditz. No idea how to do anything.

Anyway, she’s been great and is helping me get things set up. It’s going to take a while because I want to try some stuff myself so don’t be surprised if I beggar up the works entirely and then have to call on Melanie to bail me out.

She’s told me about some really kewl things coming down the pipeline like a cover reveal and a blog party. And speaking of blog parties, wasn’t Melanie’s over at Author Roast and Toast a lot of fun? Her whole blog tour was a blast. I followed it really close but didn’t leave any comments because what would I do with a book? I’m a virtual being. Not to mention, I’m Melanie’s creation and it wouldn’t be fair to everyone else if I was to win a prize.

Still chuffed for the folks who did win…

Janice Horton – A Shadow in the Past tote bag.
Harvey Black – A Shadow in the Past mouse mat (or as they call them in North America – mouse pad)
and finally
Mandy Baggot – a signed copy of A Shadow in the Past


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