Halloween is here!

The village hall is rocking. Fab DJ here tonight. The costumes are out of this world! Best of all, I got the fancy frock from the charity shop (and it fit!) and they still had loads of masks at the chemist’s.

Hot guy alert dressed as Zorro coming my way.

“Care to dance, my lady?” he asks, taking my hand. He eases it up to his mouth and kisses the back of it softly.

My heart races and I can feel myself blushing. “Oh, kind sir, surely you could have any lassie here.” Why did I say that, kicking myself.

“But I don’t want any other lassie. I want you, my lady.”

He looks so fine in his tight black pants, shiny, high boots, black shirt, mask and cape. A sword hangs from a belt on his right side. I’m blushing more now and feel quite warm. Next thing I know, he throws one side of his cape over his shoulder revealing the crimson satin lining, and he sweeps me into his arms and onto the dance floor…


3 thoughts on “Halloween is here!

  1. Wow !! Sarah is so lucky to have this hot guy as Zorro !!! Perfect heloween for Sarah and Zorro !!!! Looking great when dancing together….. :

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