Kendonald Burns Supper


Despite the horrendous weather of late, the Kendonald Burns Supper is going ahead as planned. I can’t wait. It’s always such a good time. People come from our village and neighbouring villages to sit down to a meal of soup, haggis, tatties and neeps, washed down by whisky and followed by trifle. Once the meal and speeches are over, the dancing begins and we have a fab old-fashioned ceilidh.

Excuse me while I get changed (disappears behind the bedroom door). About  fifteen minutes later…

So how do I look? Pirouetting to show off black tights/leggings, ankle boots, long white blouse and a Robertson tartan sash pinned to her right shoulder with a large silver brooch showing off a large cherry amber stone in the middle.

Bundle up, it’s cold out there.

When we enter the village hall, our senses are greeted with the aromas of cooking haggis, turnips and potatoes coming from the kitchen and the sight of the tables laid with tartan table clothes. Judging by the number of folks here already, it’s going to be an excellent turnout.

The skirl of the pipes halts the numerous conversations and folks begin to clap in time to the beat of the music.


Here comes the piper followed by the chef carrying the haggis high. Oooh, the anticipation. When they reach the top table, they’re each given a dram of whisky.

My Dad is giving the address to the haggis this year. Doesn’t he look smart in his kilt and Prince Charlie Jacket? And here comes the best part. “…His knife see rustic Labour dight,
An’ cut you up wi’ ready sleight,…”

haggis[1]Now that the haggis is sliced open, Dad pours a wee dram in and then everything goes back to the kitchen, where the ladies dish up liberal portions of tatties and neeps to go with haggis (trust me there’s enough good to feed an army). I have to leave you so find a spot to sit. I’m off to help serve the meal.

haggis tatties and neepsDoesn’t that look scrumptious? Dig in. There’s plenty to eat. For the sweet after, there’s trifle.

After the meal is finished, there’s the toast to the Immortal Memory, followed by the toast to the lassies and the reply to the laddies. Shh… (yawn) this is the slowest part of the entire night, unless we get a really engaging speaker who keeps us entertained.

The ceilidh band starts warming up, the tables are pushed to the sides of the hall and Gay Gordons here we come! Strip the Willow, Virginia Reel are also danced.

So there you have it, the condensed version of Robbie Burns night at the Kendonald Village Hall.

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#burnsnight celebrations. Join @alibacon @RobertsoKing and Scots around the world celebrate Robbie Burns!

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I’ve just received The Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

Wow! I’ve just received my first ever blogging award! I’m so excited. I’m happy dancing as I write this post. This brilliant award was given to me by my creator Melanie Robertson-King.

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

So I have to tell you seven random facts about me. Hmm… that could be hard because, after all, I don’t want to give anything away. But here goes.

  1. I’m the main character in Melanie’s novel, A Shadow in the Past.
  2. I have a sister, Rachel, who’s four years younger than me.
  3. My family owns an arable farm outside the village of Kendonald in Aberdeenshire, Scotland and my mum runs a B&B from there.
  4. There’s a stone circle on the farm where I spend a lot of time.
  5. Somehow I ended up back in the year 1886.
  6. I have a ginger and white cat called Murphy
  7. I fell in love with Robert Robertson, the Laird of Weetshill.

What ya think? Enough random facts without giving too much away?

Now for the toughest part. Choosing seven blogs to pass the award on to. Coming up with those seven things without including spoilers was hard enough.


  1. YA author, Suzy Turner
  2. Peggy Stanton (she interviewed Robert and me during Melanie’s blog tour last year)
  3. Saze Monnivan (Gina Dickerson’s character in Lies Love Tells)
  4. Patricia Capitain (friend of Melanie and “Godmother” to her novel)
  5. Nikki Bywater’s Books 4U
  6. YA author, Stephanie Keyes
  7. YA and 4RV Publishing author, Beverly Stowe McClure

Guest posts…

Both my creator, Melanie, and I have been guests on blogs today. I did an interview with Kai Strand at her blog Strands of Thought. You can read my interview here.

While I was off in America with Kai, Melanie was the featured author over at Famous Five Plus You can read about Melanie here.

I hope you’ll stop by both blogs and find out a bit more about us. Look forward to seeing you there!

Update for 2013…

Hope everyone had a fab Hogmanay celebration. Things were brilliant in my corner of Scotland. A party in the village hall and a small fireworks display at midnight. I had my heart set on going into Aberdeen but am really glad I decided to stay home.

I’ve been flying below the radar of late (like what we call in Scotland a low flyer – Grouse and Stella), but that’s okay. I may have been quiet but I’ve been spying on my creator Melanie Robertson-King and I’m chuffed to say that she’s working on her second book featuring me… and I even spied an e-mail she sent to a writer friend with her concept for the cover for it! But, sorry, my lips are sealed. I’ll wait until Melanie is ready to reveal the details, then I’ll share and tweet her fab news!

I just wish she would get her laptop’s keyboard fixed. Those wonky “D” and “O” keys are hard on the fingers when you have to push them so hard. Not to mention the strange words you get.

It will soon be Robbie Burns Day and there will be a huge celebration in the village hall – haggis, tatties, neeps, trifle, speeches followed by a ceilidh. I can’t wait!