I’ve just received The Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

Wow! I’ve just received my first ever blogging award! I’m so excited. I’m happy dancing as I write this post. This brilliant award was given to me by my creator Melanie Robertson-King.

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

So I have to tell you seven random facts about me. Hmm… that could be hard because, after all, I don’t want to give anything away. But here goes.

  1. I’m the main character in Melanie’s novel, A Shadow in the Past.
  2. I have a sister, Rachel, who’s four years younger than me.
  3. My family owns an arable farm outside the village of Kendonald in Aberdeenshire, Scotland and my mum runs a B&B from there.
  4. There’s a stone circle on the farm where I spend a lot of time.
  5. Somehow I ended up back in the year 1886.
  6. I have a ginger and white cat called Murphy
  7. I fell in love with Robert Robertson, the Laird of Weetshill.

What ya think? Enough random facts without giving too much away?

Now for the toughest part. Choosing seven blogs to pass the award on to. Coming up with those seven things without including spoilers was hard enough.


  1. YA author, Suzy Turner
  2. Peggy Stanton (she interviewed Robert and me during Melanie’s blog tour last year)
  3. Saze Monnivan (Gina Dickerson’s character in Lies Love Tells)
  4. Patricia Capitain (friend of Melanie and “Godmother” to her novel)
  5. Nikki Bywater’s Books 4U
  6. YA author, Stephanie Keyes
  7. YA and 4RV Publishing author, Beverly Stowe McClure

One thought on “I’ve just received The Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

  1. Huge Congrats Sarah !! I hope to see u more and more in Melanie’s upcoming novels……. Good Luck to u and ur creator Melanie !!

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