Happy Christmas everyone!

We’ve been up here for ages now. I’m not sure who got up first – Rachel or me, but we waited patiently (not) for the rest of the family to get up and mum to get the turkey ready for the oven. Once we heard our parents downstairs, we went down and waited in our family lounge/dining room.

christmas treeWe didn’t dare sneak down earlier. Not with those bells on the lounge door. They jingled when we walked through the hallway so you can imagine what they would do when the door was opened.

christmas bellsLast night Granny and Grandpa Shand and Granny and Grandpa Duncan came to ours for our traditional Christmas Eve meal. Like always, mum made Beef Olive (from scratch) and Roast Potatoes. We ate in the dining room where guests take their breakfast and lit the lovely candle centre-piece on the table.

christmas centrepieceAfter supper, we went over to the lounge where the tree is set up (pressies under it, too) and we had tea and coffee along with mum’s homemade shortbread and cheese and like always, Rachel and I got to open one present from Granny and Grandpa Shand – Christmas pyjamas.

Seeing all those gifts under the tree made it really hard to sleep last night. Which ones were mine? Did I get some of the things I wanted?

Now we have to wait until Mum gets the turkey in the oven before we can go into the lounge and start with the gifts. The bird is huge! It has to be close to 30 pounds! Dad’s in the kitchen helping her because it’s so big she can’t lift it on her own.

One year she cooked a goose, and the grease caugth fire. She ran screaming through the house waving a wooden spoon in the air. Rachel and I laughed. We thought she looked so funny. Good thing dad was about to put the lid back on the pan and smother the flames. We’re back to the traditional turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes and sprouts.

Granny and Grandpa Duncan will come about 2:00 and Granny and Grandpa Shand shortly after. We usually eat our Christmas dinner about 3:30.

Hey, here’s dad. The turkey is in the oven! Christmas can officially start!

All these traditions. I’m not sure what I’ll do when I get married and move out. Will I have to come home every year at Christmas and stay just so I can continue these traditions or do I start my own?

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