Author Interview with Melanie Robertson-King


I’ve never done this before so I hope you’ll bear with me whilst I work my way through this new territory. I’ve read lots of author interviews so how hard can it be? Maybe I’m nervous because my first interview is with Melanie. After all, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for her. She created my character.

Anyway, I’ve managed to catch Melanie between events and she’s agreed to this last minute idea of mine, so (gulp) here we go. Over to you, Melanie.

Thanks for inviting me to talk to your followers, Sarah.

How long have you been writing?

I started writing the summer after I finished what you would call primary school. Here in Canada it would be grade 8. Before I started penning my own stories, I read anything and everything I could get my hands on.

Before A Shadow in the Past, did you have any of your writing published?

It wasn’t until 2001 but yes. My first published article appeared in The Scottish Banner. It was about William Quarrier, the founder of The Orphan Homes of Scotland. I sent the article off and never heard anything. You can imagine my surprise when my copy of the Banner arrived (I subscribed to it) and there was my article – a two page spread!

All of my non-fiction work has been historical in nature, as is a portion of A Shadow in the Past. Believe it or not, I hated history in school and was ever so glad to be able to drop it after my second year in secondary school.

There’s all this talk out there about author brand. Do you have one?

If we can insert my cover image in here, I’ll try to explain my 4RV Publishing created brand.

A-Shadow-in-the-Past-by-Melanie-Robertson-KingIn this cover, the transparent band at the top and bottom of the cover image creates the brand. So, with any other projects that pertain to YA Paranormal/time-travel published by 4RV, I see the same font used, my name at the top and the title at the bottom in the same format as here. I see the mirror playing an important role in book two as well. Think author name in the top band as in this cover and title in the bottom band… see where I’m going?

When people see this style, they’ll know it’s me.

But I have another author brand, too. This one is completely different.

The Consequences CollectionThis is my King Park Press brand… author name at the bottom and title at the top, still with the hyphenated surname which is the combination of my maiden name and my married name.

Wow! I didn’t think it was so complicated. I’m glad you explained it. What are your next projects? And can you give us a hint to the content?

I’m working on the sequel to A Shadow in the Past. And no content hints… aka spoilers. I can say that I see the cover being similar in that the ‘brand’ will be the same and my idea of the perfect cover will be a reverse of this… you in the present looking in the mirror and seeing yourself in the past but there will be two, very important characters with you but their reflections will be transparent.

I can’t wait for the sequel to be published. You have an image in mind for the cover, what about the title?

Currently, the working title for the sequel is Shadows from her Past. It fits really well with the storyline.

Oooh… sounds like it will be a fab read. Any idea when it will be out?

Don’t get too excited. I’ve not got the first draft finished yet. I’ve got about 62,000 words done (which includes the ending) but there’s still stuff I want to add to it.

Thanks for taking time out of your schedule to drop by, Melanie. I always thought being a character was far easier than being the writer and now I know for sure that I’m right.

You can find out more about Melanie and her books at her Celtic Connexions blog and her website.


Robert and I are at Famous Five Plus today with Peggy Stanton

The interview with Peggy Stanton that Robert and I did as part of Melanie’s Blog tour back on 5 October is now live on Famous Five Plus. Famous Five Plus.

I hope you’ll drop by and leave a comment. We had a lot of fun doing the interview back then and it’s just as much fun now re-living it.


This is the most fantastic news! Okay, I’ve known for a while – just been sworn to secrecy but now that the news it out, I can share it. Well, try to anyway. I’m so excited I can hardly type. My hands are even shaking.

Melanie Robertson-KingMelanie is coming to Scotland! And best of all, she’s coming to Kendonald and is having a book launch in the village hall on 17 August. Isn’t that fab?

And she’s got a date at the Central Library in Aberdeen, too. Not sure of the date and time yet, but things are going so well for her right now, I couldn’t be happier. Well, maybe I could. She could get her skates on and finish her second book. But that’s another story.

I’ll be crossing the days off on my calendar with big red Xs counting down to the big day.

She’s hoping for a great turnout at both events, so please help me spread the word.


Melanie Robertson-King (my creator) is guesting on two blogs today…

Melanie is in Australia talking to Wendy Laharnar on her blog Wendy L about her love of Scotland and her inspiration for her novel – A Shadow in the Past.
I love this cover. I hate getting my picture taken but Aidana WillowRaven captured more than just my physical image, don’t ya think?

Anyway, Melanie is also guest blogging over at Romancing the Genres so be sure to drop by there, too.

If you’re feeling all warm and fuzzy after reading these two posts, then maybe you’ll share a tweet or two?

Here’s one for each blog…

Join @Wendy_author as she interviews @RobertsoKing about A Shadow in the Past and her love of Scotland

Love knows no bounds – time or place says @RobertsoKing

And don’t forget to drop by her blog, Celtic Connexions, to see what she’s blogging about and where she’ll be next.




Okay, since I almost missed out on the Historical Novelists’ Book Fair, I’m going to get this one scheduled right away so that it will go live at the beginning of the Contemporary Novelists’ Book Fair.

I’m not sure why I’m so excited about my creator, Melanie Robertson-King taking part in this book fair because the book she’s put in it doesn’t include me – but two characters I’d just as soon never see or hear their names mentioned again.

Bittnerness aside, here’s the link to Melanie’s entry over at her blog, Celtic Connexions. Her post just went live.

I think when you read the excerpt, you’ll know why I’m feeling bitter… unless, of course, you’ve read A Shadow in the Past and you’ll already know why.

If you click on the Book Fair badge at the top of the page, it will take you to the site where the links of everyone taking part are are available.




Wow! I can’t believe I almost missed this. The Historical Novelists’ Book Fair ends on 15th April. I’m really glad I didn’t sign up for it because I almost missed the boat entirely. Besides, I’m only a character so I don’t think I could sign up. Oh well, at least my creator, Melanie Robertson-King, took part. You can see her entry on her blog Celtic Connexions.

Other great authors are taking part, too, so you can click on the Historical Novelists’ Book Fair badge at the top of this post and it will take you to the page where everyone has signed up. There are lots of brill books there, but I have to admit being partial to A Shadow in the Past by Melanie. Hmmm… wonder why?


Did you know that today is…

Tell a Fairy Tale Day

Living here in Scotland, I grew up with all the classic fairy tales but some local to my home country, too. Here’s the link to a list of the Scottish Fairy Tales over at Electric Scotland.

The story that scared me the worst was about Sawney Bean. The story was scary enough but when I was a wee girl, my dad used to tell me he’d get Sawney Bean after me if I didn’t eat my sprouts. To this day, I can’t look them without thinking of that creepy story.

By Otter (Own work) [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The Maiden Stone is one of the many Pictish standing stones here in Aberdeenshire. The local legend is that the daughter of a local laird was turned to stone when she bet a stranger she could bake a large amount of bread before he could build a road up to the top of Bennachie.

Well, the stranger turned out to be the Devil, and he won the bet. When she tried to escape, the Devil caught her right here on this spot and turned her to stone. The notch in the side of the stone is where he touched her shoulder.

Okay, being turned to stone by the Devil is scary but not nearly as bad as being eaten by Sawney Bean.

But if those stories aren’t quite to your liking, how about sticking with some of the Scottish myths and legends – stone circles, ley lines, sprinkled with a little romance and intrigue? If that’s more to your liking, then how about a great debut novel by Melanie Robertson-KingA Shadow in the Past featuring moi? A-Shadow-in-the-Past-by-Melanie-Robertson-King Here’s what it’s about…

Nineteen-year-old Sarah Shand (that’s me) finds herself thrust back into the past. There she struggles to keep her real identity from a society that finds her comments and ideas strange and her speech and actions forward, unlike Victorian women. When Sarah verbally confronts confining social practices, including arranged marriages; powerful enemies commit her to a lunatic asylum. After falling in love with the handsome Laird of Weetshill, Robert Robertson, she must decide whether to find her way back to her own time or to remain in the past with him.

You can buy Melanie’s novel from her publisher, 4RV Publishing through their online bookstore, as well as Amazon, Barnes and Noble and in Chapters and Cole’s in Canada.

What’s your favourite fairy tale?